What is Young Leaders in Service?

Young Leader in Service LogoThe Young Leaders in Service Awards (also know as YLiS) recognise young people between the ages of 8 and 18 for their community service in a 12 month period. This is an Internationally recognised award and can be run alongside other schemes such as V-impact, V-inspire and the Duke of Edinburgh Award as a separate achievement.

There are three awards for young people based on the amount of hours they have spent serving their community:-
12 months community service of 25 – 49 hours = Bronze Seal Award
12 months community service of 50 – 99 hours = Silver Seal Award Certificate
12 months community service of 100 or more hours = Gold Seal Award Certificate
Young Leaders will receive a certificate, a congratulatory letter from Lions Clubs International and a YLiS metal pin or cloth badge. These are normally presented at a specifically organised event to celebrate their achievements.

What are the benefits of taking part in YLiS?

The benefits of YLiS can vary depending on the individual, for some people it is knowing they have given back to their community or they have successfully completed a project they have been working on. However there are so many more benefits associated with YLiS such as Experience the rewards of community service, become involved in their community and with local Lions clubs and receiving an international award. It is also a huge bonus for when young people are applying to colleges, universities and even when applying for jobs. YLiS is a key area to focus on when writing a personal statement for UCAS!

What do you have to do?

It is really simple, you literally just log all the information in a log book which we provide. You need to record the date, how long you have spent on the activity, who was supporting you (e.g. Leo Clubs, Guides, Scouts or your school/ College), what the activity was and get the person who was supervising you to sign to confirm you have actually done what you said. The best bit about this… there are so many areas and activities that count towards your hours!

Projects Suggestions for service activities
Service for the elderly Performing simple home repairs and jobs around the house; running errands; chatting and being a friend; helping older people with IT skills
Service for children Collecting and distributing toys or clothes, Reading stories and helping with homework,Visiting children in hospital.  As a Guide, helping with Brownies, Rainbows; as a Scout, helping with Cubs, Beavers, perhaps sewing on achievement badges, as a Cadets helping at meetings
Environment Plant trees, weeding flower beds
Clear litter
Service to the homeless/hungry Collecting food, clothing and toiletries for donation to a local welfare centre; raising money to buy essentials for them to set up home; disaster relief
Safety training Helping younger children learn about water safety, fire prevention, traffic awareness, bicycle safety
Service to parents and family Caring for a disabled family member,  Shopping and cleaning, Entertaining, chatting and motivating, Looking after younger brothers or sisters;  babysitting
Education Helping a child or adult to learn how to read and write, mentoring. Reading to those visually impaired or record stories for them to listen to
Public Health Assist with health screening, Collect used spectacles and hearing aids for recycling,  Create awareness of AIDS, teenage suicide and substance abuse
Taking a leaders’ role Cadets; Boys’ Brigade; St John; Red Cross; Church; Youth Club; Community youth group; involvement with any community activity
Helping the Lions Fundraising for local charities Fund-raising for local charities, welfare activities or disaster relief

Planning a party for children; organising a treat for older people; working as a member of the Lions team in whatever they do

How do you get involved?
You can either contact your local club or contact our YLiS officer Brenda who can help you either get in touch with someone or help you direct. It doesn’t matter if you are school, organisation or an individual, we can help you!

Further information regarding Young Leaders in Service can be obtained by the YLIS District Officer