District Officers

Lions International District 105SW operates with a cabinet

2020-2021 (01 July 2020 – 30/06/2021)

District Governor Team
District Governor David Fitzpatrick dg@lions105sw.org.uk
IPDG Jim Partridge-Hogbin ipdg@lions105sw.org.uk
1st VDG Mark Lockie 1stvdg@lions105sw.org.uk
2nd VDG Lesley Chudley vdg-2nd@lions105sw.org.uk
District Administration Team
District Secretary Christine Rowe secretary@lions105sw.org.uk
District Treasurer Lesley Clarke treasurer@lions105sw.org.uk
Sergeant at Arms John Sims leadership@lions105sw.org.uk
Comms. Noms & Resolutions David Rosson
Convention Chairman John Sims
Health & Safety Advisor Kevin Marshall hso@lions105sw.org.uk
Insurance Advisor Kevin Marshall hso@lions105sw.org.uk
Data Compliance Advisor Alan Good
Vulnerable Persons/DBS Coordinator Andy Shiner dbs@lions105sw.org.uk
District Almoner Peter Rowe almoner@lions105sw.org.uk
MMR Coordinator Peter Rowe
Environmental Coordinator Debbie Davis-Briggs
Environmental & Photographic Coordinator Veronica Whittle
Quiz & Skittles Organiser Kevin Moore
Travelling Lion Co-ordinator Andy Burnard
District Global Action Team
Global Action Team District Chairperson David Fitzpatrick
Global Membership Team District Coordinator Sue Miller leadership@lions105sw.org.uk
Global Leadership District Coordinator Jim Partridge-Hogbin
Global Service Team Coordinator Fred Broom
IT Coordinator & Webmaster Trevor Munro media@lions105sw.org.uk
Marketing & PR Nick Gough pr@lions105sw.org.uk
Newsletter Editor Colin Comber news@lions105sw.org.uk
Lion Liaison Coordinator Michael Brint lionmagazine@lions105sw.org.uk
International and Emergency
International Relations David Atkins
LCIF Coordinator David Atkins
Alert Officer
Cornwall Andy Burnard
Devon Carol Wells
Dorset Mark Lockie
Somerset Dennis Peters
Welfare and Community Services
Medic Alert and Message in a Bottle David Lyon
Eye Spot Camera Coordinator Lesley Chudley
Sight & Hearing Karina Wells
Diabetes Barry Merrifield
Paediatric Cancer/Head & Neck Cancer John Banks
Life Skills/ Street Children Refer to DG
Physical & Learning Difficulties Julie Kemish-Mills
Young Leaders in Service Brenda Wood ylis@lions105sw.org.uk
Youth Exchange Sally Marsh
Peace Poster Theresa Warrell
Young Ambassador Fred Broom Jnr
Leo Liasion Officer Emma Burnard leos@lions105sw.org.uk
Youth Band Liaison Pam Hunt
Zone A Jerry Dawkins
Zone B Mike Solomon
Zone C Mark Fox
Zone E John Martin
Zone F John Atyeo
Zone G Graham Kingsbury
Zone H Eric Parkes
Zone I Jamie Love
Zone J Fred Broom
Zone K Colin Marsh
Zone L Bob Jones