District Officers

Lions International District 105SW operates with a cabinet

2020-2021 (01 July 2020 – 30/06/2021)

District Governor Team
District Governor David Fitzpatrick dg@lions105sw.org.uk
IPDG Jim Partridge-Hogbin ipdg@lions105sw.org.uk
1st VDG Mark Lockie 1stvdg@lions105sw.org.uk
2nd VDG Lesley Chudley vdg-2nd@lions105sw.org.uk
District Administration Team
District Secretary Christine Rowe secretary@lions105sw.org.uk
District Treasurer Lesley Clarke treasurer@lions105sw.org.uk
Sergeant at Arms John Sims leadership@lions105sw.org.uk
Comms. Noms & Resolutions David Rosson
Convention Chairman John Sims
Health & Safety Advisor Kevin Marshall hso@lions105sw.org.uk
Insurance Advisor Kevin Marshall hso@lions105sw.org.uk
Data Compliance Advisor Alan Good
Vulnerable Persons/DBS Coordinator Andy Shiner dbs@lions105sw.org.uk
District Almoner Peter Rowe almoner@lions105sw.org.uk
MMR Coordinator Peter Rowe
Environmental Coordinator Debbie Davis-Briggs
Environmental & Photographic Coordinator Veronica Whittle
Quiz & Skittles Organiser Kevin Moore
Travelling Lion Co-ordinator Andy Burnard
District Global Action Team
Global Action Team District Chairperson David Fitzpatrick
Global Membership Team District Coordinator Sue Miller leadership@lions105sw.org.uk
Global Leadership District Coordinator Jim Partridge-Hogbin
Global Service Team Coordinator Fred Broom
IT Coordinator & Webmaster Trevor Munro media@lions105sw.org.uk
Marketing & PR Nick Gough pr@lions105sw.org.uk
Newsletter Editor Colin Comber news@lions105sw.org.uk
Lion Liaison Coordinator Michael Brint lionmagazine@lions105sw.org.uk
International and Emergency
International Relations David Atkins lcif@lions105sw.org.uk
LCIF Coordinator David Atkins lcif@lions105sw.org.uk
Alert Officer
Cornwall Andy Burnard
Devon Carol Wells
Dorset Mark Lockie
Somerset Dennis Peters
Welfare and Community Services
Medic Alert and Message in a Bottle David Lyon
Eye Spot Camera Coordinator Lesley Chudley
Sight & Hearing Karina Wells
Diabetes Barry Merrifield
Paediatric Cancer/Head & Neck Cancer John Banks
Life Skills/ Street Children Refer to DG
Physical & Learning Difficulties Julie Kemish-Mills
Young Leaders in Service Brenda Wood ylis@lions105sw.org.uk
Youth Exchange Sally Marsh
Peace Poster Theresa Warrell
Young Ambassador Fred Broom Jnr
Leo Liasion Officer Emma Burnard leos@lions105sw.org.uk
Youth Band Liaison Pam Hunt
Zone A Jerry Dawkins
Zone B Mike Solomon
Zone C Mark Fox
Zone E John Martin
Zone F John Atyeo
Zone G Graham Kingsbury
Zone H Eric Parkes
Zone I Jamie Love
Zone J Fred Broom
Zone K Colin Marsh
Zone L Bob Jones