Travelling Lion Competition

Over recent years the competition has declined in the clubs taking part. I am hoping you will become involved in this to help your Clubs grow and develop in knowledge and have fun at the same time making new friends on the way.

The objective of the Travelling Lion is for Clubs to visit neighbouring Clubs, but also Clubs outside of our District and if you are fortunate enough to be overseas experience a Lions Club Visit there.  We are all doing the same work but in so many different ways. 

Visiting others can give your club ideas for Service and Fundraising Projects, it helps your new members to see what others do and broaden their knowledge of the Organisation.

Having social events with other Clubs both inside and outside your Zone is all part of Fellowship, Lions should not just be meetings it should be fun.

Take your Travelling Lion Card with you, get is signed by the Club President or Secretary when you are visiting and either post or email it to the Travelling Lion Competitions Officer. 

I look forward with interest to see who is visiting who and what you are all up to.

Post to: Lion Claire Curtis, 20 Moorland Road, Launceston, Cornwall. PL15 7DN

Email to:

Lion Claire Curtis

Travelling Lion Competitions Officer