Frequently Asked Questions

How are Lion’s Meetings Conducted?


Members of City of Wells Lions Club conduct their affairs in an egalitarian way where everyone belongs and is committed to Lion’s Values. No one has a pre-ordained place and the necessary roles to govern the Club (President, Secretary, Treasurer and others) are allocated by democratic means. Thus, the functions of individual Member’s are determined both by the individual’s wishes and collectively in a scenario where a high value is placed on trustworthiness, dependability and commitment to the Club’s agreed ideas and plans.


How are Sectarian Politics dealt with?


City of Wells Lions Club embrace anti-discriminatory practice, nevertheless opinions about political or cultural conflict between groups that create social division are not subjects for discussion. However, this does not prevent the Club from having, and expressing, views about addressing issues such as hunger, education and social isolation in their Community.



Are Lions Clubs only a Local Organisation?


No – Lions Clubs International is the World’s largest Service Club Organisation, formed in 1917, it now has a network of 1.4 million men and women in more than 210 countries and geographical locations. Thus, City of Wells Club Members serve both where they live as well as globally.


How much does it cost to join?


Membership costs £80 per year which is approximately £ 6.67 per month. This payment covers all our Club dues towards the cost of operating the Zone, District and Multi-District aspects of the organisation. Furthermore, members receive regular magazines, have the opportunity to become involved globally through various Lions Websites, receive invitations to Conventions and, of course, can attend all Club Events.


Importantly, City of Wells Lions give 100% of donations to worthy causes.



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