Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest service club organisation, with a network of 1.4 million men and women in more than 210 countries and geographical locations.

We serve where we live, as well as globally, and we have fun doing it.

Though well known for its successful initiatives in vision health, Lions service is as diverse as its members. We meet all sorts of needs, from assisting the elderly to helping victims of natural disasters.

Lions give 100% of donations to worthy causes. We cover all our costs through our dues which are currently less than £6 per month.

Lions make a difference everyday everywhere. Whether by organising a pancake breakfast fundraiser or building a wheelchair ramp for someone in need, we are a hands-on organisation.

Key Questions

Please take time to review the following Key Questions and suggested answers. Practice answering these questions with your fellow Lions and always remember to accentuate the positive.

Who are the Lions?
Lions are an international network of 1.4 million men and women dedicated to making a difference locally and globally.

What do Lions do?
Lions meet the needs of our communities and the world, ranging from assisting the visually impaired and working with local youth to medical missions and disaster relief.

How are Lions relevant to today’s world?
Since 1917, Lions have met the needs of their communities and continued to improve the areas in which they live. As long as there are needs around the world, we will work to meet those needs.

How do I become a Lion?
If you are interested in becoming a Lion, contact Paul Clegg on 01749 671596 or cityofwellslions@gmail.com to learn more. A club locator can be found on the Lions Clubs International website www.lionsclubs.org for anyone reading this outside of the Wells, Somerset area.

Are there women Lions?
Yes. Women are the single fastest-growing segment of Lions. 50% of the membership of the City of Wells Lions are women.

As in other community organisations, is the membership of Lions declining?
No. Lions membership is increasing. Programs such as Family Clubs, Leo Clubs, Campus Lions Clubs and New Century Lions Clubs, are helping us adapt to meet the growing needs of the world around us.

I would like to volunteer in my community but why should I do so as a Lion?
Lions meet the needs of those in their own communities as well as around the world and we have fun doing it. Working together locally and internationally, the worldwide network of Lions has vastly more resources and is able to accomplish much more than individuals and small groups working alone.